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CG-XTS Gold Series Cast Nets


1.65 Lb. Per Ft. Premium 6 X-Large Max Spread Cast Net Panels. Ships in 1-2 Days.


A Serious… “One Throw and Go Attitude!”

The CG-XTS Gold-“Commercial Grade – Xtreme Tuff Series” Cast Nets are designed for any fishing angler looking for that extra performance edge when it counts the most. Look no further than the New Black Pearl CG-XTS for its true winning performance, featuring its Max Spread design and commercial-grade materials (CG), making it truly an Xtreme Tuff Series (XTS) that every cast netting angler will want in his live bait catching arsenal.

Commercial Grade Cast Net Features: Heavy-duty 30 ft. 3/8” floating hand line, gold double selvage at the horn and leadline for double thickness and double strength, 1,500 lb. black brass swivel for rustproof and overbuilt strength, X-Large 6 panel Max Spread design, Large 3 1/4″ commercial grade 4-way horn, 1.65 Lbs. of lead per radius ft. of the smallest marble leads for tangle-resistant throws and the heavier duty yet limp monofilament netting design.

Standard High Performance “The Original” Cast Net Models.

Same Commercial Grade CG-XTS cast net models that we have made for 18 years except that the leadline is NOT the Invisible Leadline as the “Invi Series” Cast Nets. We will be discontinuing the below cast net models and never to be made again due to all of the advantages of the Invisible lead design that has taken us over 7 years to Master in slinkiness, unlike the typical stiff well-known lead core. We have removed all of the negatives due to an exterior lead cast net design with the Invi Series but those wanting to save a little money we will have them available until they run out.

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Mesh Size

1/4" (1/2" Stretch), 3/8" (3/4" Stretch), 1/2" (1" Stretch), 5/8" (1 1/4" Stretch)


6 Ft. Cast Net Length, 8 Ft. Cast Net Length, 11 Ft. Cast Net Length


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