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Black Pearl’s Circular Live Bait Fish Cage/Pen 24″ x 24″ x 24″


PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh w/ stainless construction.


This live bait fish cage/holding pen is our most popular seller, it is extremely versatile for its extremely light weight and unmatched strength. Its circular shape eliminates bait fish from getting in any corners keeping them less stressed while eliminating the pile up effect with cage cornering issues. This is one of our most popular live bait & crab holding pen because of its perfect large circular size. One of its greatest fish cage features is the large dumping door right against the edge for instant removal of all live baits and fish unlike all other fish cages that you’ll see from other manufactures keeping the door in the middle making it impossible to pour your baits out which leaves you only one option which is to catch all of your baits with a dip net. With Black Pearl’s unique building fish cage design, simply open the door and pour right into your bucket or bait tank with our super slick pvc, it’s that EASY! Keeps HUNDREDS of live bait and fish up to 24″ in length, healthy and fresh for long periods of time. No Fish Cage Aeration Needed!! No Pumps to Burn Out!

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