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 Live Bait Fish & Crab Holding Pens/Cages

Live Bait Fish & Crab Holding Pens/Cages

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Live Bait FISH Holding Pens/Cages

“crab PENS”


Live Bait Fish Cages/Fish Pens by Black Pearl are one of our top specialties and we can guarantee that we make the best live bait fish holding pens/cages for fishing docks in the world. We can honestly say that we have never had a live bait fish cage/pen returned to us in almost 20 yrs! The only issue that we’ve ever had, which is very rare case, was of course a damaged product during shipment and usually we just send a second cage allowing you to keep the first one.


Our live fish cages/live bait pens are built with the highest quality WELDED Wire with a thick and hard PVC coating, assembled with stainless crimps designed for saltwater use. So if using it in freshwater then Black Pearl bait fish cages can last you a lifetime! Using it in saltwater everyday should get you over 10 yrs due to the high quality stainless and pvc coating on the entire cage.


Our Bait Fish & Crab Holding Pens/Cages are made with precision detail quality and pride that you just don’t find with most companies anymore. We feel that we have an overbuilt product with extra stainless that no other company comes remotely close to. We have a superior product that is above and beyond, a fish cage product that is truly in it’s own league for simplicity, quality and performance along with its very well thought out design. We maintain smooth rounded edges that keep a sleek design at the top and bottom while maintaining a perfect rounded interior on our circular and oval live bait fish cage/pen model. In a sense, it is kind of an illusion if you look at our live bait fish cage design from the top. We cut the tops and bottoms with angles to give you a perfectly smooth product on the corners, most companies try to keep the top round but this converts into horrible cuts and sharp edges and every cage comes out very unprofessional when it is built this way.


Again, we have pride in our live bait fish pens/cages and want you to own a cage that not only performs and lasts but has a nice finish that you can be proud of. On the interior edges, there are no corners for bait to swim into, the top has 45 angles but the sides convert to a perfect even round or oval shape without even having any angles, the welded wire sides of the cage does not hold these angles, it transforms into an even circular or oval shape depending on if you buy the circular or oval live bait fish cage/pen model, it is actually pretty slick, we are proud of our “Signature Design”. We do have the rectangular fish cage model designed for larger fish where the maximum length from corner to corner of your fish cage/pen is needed.


We have 3 sizes of live bait fish cages/pens to choose from, the round 24″x24″ Circular Live Bait/Fish Cage/Pen, the 24″x 28″ Oval Live Bait/Fish Cage/Pen and the 24″x28″ Rectangular Live Bait/Fish Cage/Pen. Most other companies make their cages out of the cheaper 1″ x 1″, we personally like the 1/2″ x 1/2″ for keeping live bait, the smaller 1/2″ x 1/2″ is becoming the most popular being that you’re not limited to what size baits that you can keep. Examples for use of the smaller mesh would include: keeping pinfish, squirrel fish, threadfin herring, croakers, medium to large size shrimp, finger mullet, white bait (pilchards), crabs, etc. for saltwater applications. Using your live bait fish cage/pens for freshwater use would include bluegill, perch, chubs, shiners, etc. Using the smaller mesh also makes a stronger, longer lasting unit, eliminating predators such as birds, crabs, raccoons, otters etc. Even though the live bait may be larger than a 1/2″ x 1″ or 1″ x 1″, the smallest 1/2′ x 1/2″ mesh cuts down on red nose. Red nose is the term used when fish are sticking their noses through the mesh causing the tip of their noses to rub and cause redness and eventually sores from the constant rubbing. This is eliminated when using the 1/2″ mesh which maintains a much healthier supply of your precious live bait, in addition you get a much stronger and longer lasting live bait fish cage/pen.


With Black Pearl’s Live Bait Fish Holdig Cages you can add a simple boat bumper buoy on each side if you wish to float your live bait fish cages. Many companies use those silly pool noodles that disintegrate quickly, we recommend a simple Walmart boat bumper buoy that should last a lifetime, they are very heavy duty and do not deflate or fall apart like the brittle pool water noodles that you have to replace every year!


Our Live bait/fish holding cages are extremely durable unlike the floating net and plastic netting models which tear easily when rubbing against pilings on docksides, wear out from normal use, and simply do not hold up to otters, sharks, crabs, alligators or even pelicans or herrings trying to steal a quick meal. If you haven’t experienced any of these problems with the net made floating bait fish cage models, it isn’t a matter of “if” but simply a matter of “when” that you experience these issues with these sub-par bait pens. It only takes one of these hungry little critters to ruin your fishing trip if you continue to use these style of fish pens/cages.


Using Black Pearl’s Fish Holding Cages/Pens, you’ll be able to sleep with comfort knowing that your fish or bait is caged up in the highest quality Live Bait Fish Cage/Pen that is manufactured in the world today! Call with any questions that you may have, we are here to help to not only keep your precious bait safe but save you money from not having to buy bait every trip! Keep your live bait fresh and safe with Black Pearl Live Bait Fish Pens/Cages!



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