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Cast Nets Lifetime Warranty



Cast Nets Lifetime Warranty by Black Pearl Cast Nets


Black Pearl Cast Nets offers a Full Lifetime Warranty Guarantee on any cast net defects, because WE CARE! Our cast nets lifetime warranty is the best in the business because it is LIFETIME.

Our cast nets have a thicker netting mesh compared to our competitors, therefore, you will see a noticeable difference in quality and durability. 

Technically, if you’re having to replace our cast nets half the time as our competitor then you are already getting a half price value without the aggravation. Our cast nets have a thicker mm diameter, therefore adding strength and longevity that you can count on.

Some companies offer as much as half off but offer a limit on how many times that you can return your cast net. When cheaper quality thinner netting material is used then of course you will be constantly ripping and replacing your cast net.

Is this truly a good deal if these brands are always tearing and getting holes in them consistantly? Instead, go with a top Commercial Grade brand that will be able to endure it’s use at a commercial level. Above all, this saves you lots of money in the short run and long run!

We are working on a trade in program that will be in the best interest of both parties because WE CARE. This will offer you the fastest turn around when you RIP your net beyond repair. We will be offering UNLIMITED trade-in returns!

Stay posted on our website for updates on our cast net trade in program for those DOA. Dead On Arrivals that need to consequently and lastly, RIP – Rest in Peace 😁

Call us with any questions or to discuss our cast net Lifetime Warranty! Also, trade your old Black Pearl cast net in for a NEW one because we have the New Invi Series! In other words, call us to make your cast net life much easier.

We have nets still in use being traded in after 18 years because of its commercial cast net build quality!

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