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Cast Nets - Slinky image of the New Invi Series Cast Net

“Envy The New Invi Series” !!!

The All New 2020 Invisible Leadline Cast Nets
Written by Shawn Gore, Owner

Exclusive High Performance Cast Net Innovation by Black Pearl is here…Cast Net Magic?!?!.. One look and you just may start to Envy the New Invi Series Cast Nets..You be the judge!


Cast net innovation doesn’t really come to mind when you first think of cast nets, but this new Invi Series Cast Net designed by Black Pearl over the last 7 years, really surpassed all expectations of what all started with an idea to just make a cast net perform much better than all other cast net brands. The New Black Pearl “Invi Series” cast net design might not load itself, throw itself or pull itself back into the boat all by itself, but it certainly does about everything else in a magical sense for what a true High Performance cast net is truly designed to do…. and that is….. to catch live bait as fast and efficient as possible with a One Throw and Go Attitude. Professional High Class Performance cast nets without excuses, plain and simple.

Cast Nets are a simple a tool, but it can be a serious one for many charter captains, tournament anglers and serious fisherman not wanting to waste their time just “trying” to cast net live bait. The New Invisible Leadline “Invi Series” cast nets will change the cast net industry by stepping up innovation to another level of Cast Net High Performance that has never EVER been seen before. The Invi Series was born with the vision to help eliminate braille tangles for faster loading and unloading as well as to create a super tight seal at the bottom so that no spaces between leads exist for less bait escape. By having the lead hidden internally, this creates a 100% bottom seal unlike any other cast net ever manufactured.

Chain cast nets are the closest thing to this design, but they come with serious negatives. Increase of snagging due to the chain loops on the bottom, rust issues and most importantly the loudest clanging racket that deserves a 5 star rating for the loudest db noise as soon as the cast nets’ chain hits the deck floor.

The Invi Series Cast Net is quite the opposite, not only comparing to chain cast nets but also comparing to the standard cast nets that have any size of exterior lead. Whether it be long leads, oval leads or round marble size leads, they are all loud and clangy cast nets on the boat deck, no way around it. I use this terminology a lot, “It is what it is” and that goes for so many things in life that this statement holds true when life throws something at you that you simply have no control over, a loud clangy cast net. The old standard exterior lead cast net models will be the thing of the past, we will eventually look at exterior lead cast nets the same way that we look at 8 Track and VHS tapes today, simply non-existent.

Who would have ever envisioned that every person would have a cell phone, so much that landline phones are obsolete for private homes, soon they’ll be toothbrushes that spin so that you don’t even have to move your hand.. ohh wait…drones to deliver packages and mobile remote activated luggage so that you don’t even have to pull your luggage in the airport.. ohh wait.. Yes it is available now!.. Technology is our future and so is every dream that simply is always sparked by a simple idea.. What idea or cast net idea is next?

The Invi Series Cast Nets consists of tiny pieces of lead which is hidden internally inside of the leadline creating a 100% bottom seal which lays perfectly flat on the bottom creating zero spacing for bait to escape from under the cast net, compared to exterior leads that can be spaced as much as 8″ apart from each other. Some of the more experienced fisherman are familiar with this style name Leadcore/Internal Leadline which is used in gill netting and seines so that when the net disperses out of the boat then it leaves the boat silky smooth with no exterior lead bumps to slow down or to create unnecessary noise etc.

The problem with incorporating the standard known leadcore into a cast net assembly comes the stiffness associated with its concept. Our first idea and leadcore style cast net that we built secretly years ago was very interesting and it worked, but when you held the cast net up the leadcore was so stiff and bulky wide at the bottom it caused a very large wedding dress appearance, it really had a serious resemblance to being ready to throw Cinderella overboard.

We didn’t give up, we knew we were on to something years ago so we kept plugging away with design. A couple of huge cast net changes that we incorporated that made this New Invi simply magical is the smaller size of the internal lead combined with using two smaller leadlines and doubling them together as opposed to one thick leadline. The combo of the two leadlines caused this new cast net prototype to have an extremely slinky snake like effect that not only loads and unloads effortlessly, but is the smoothest, slinkiest cast net ever manufactured or thrown.

Ya know the ole saying, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land amidst the stars”. On this note, we shot for the moon, but overshot it dramatically, and landed somewhere that man has never seen, just not sure what planet it is right now. There are no words to describe what took place after our assembly of this true work of art, a few stars, the moon, sun and earth finally lined up. By no means was this an accident, a lot of time, work and money invested into this dream combined with a vision that was acted upon, but I can honestly say that I certainly didn’t dream this BIG. Sometimes things just fall in your favor in a positive way..and then you can still say… “It is what it is”…this time we get to truly take the good with the bad and leave the bad far behind. Cast Net Mission accomplished.

In addition to the 100% bottom seal, Black Pearl Cast Nets has more braille lines than any other manufacture which has a much better closure rate for keeping live bait enclosed. This allows the leadline to move much more evenly against the bottom and allows for a much tighter leverage of closure if bait were to try to escape from under the net while pulling in your cast net. In addition to these performance features, the invisible leadline is not only much thinner in diameter creating a much faster cast net sink rate, but since the leadline is doubled. This creates a drafting effect similar to racing. Less drag in the water means an even faster speed rate which calculates into more bait in your cast net without escape.

As always, Black Pearl Cast Nets has the exclusive “MaxSpread” design which simply means wider and easier throws every single time! Our “MaxSpread” cast net design has an increased width of Double XX-Large netting panel measurements creating a relaxed netting measurement similar to a loose fit style of jeans instead of a standard tight netting measurement. This calculates into an even higher performance ratio compared to traditional cast nets due to the netting opening much easier instead of the cast net fighting itself to spread open fully to a tight measurement. By having the XX-Large Commercial Grade netting panels with MaxSpread combined with the 100% bottom seal due to the internal lead chain effect, the cast net catch rate for bottom dwelling species especially pinfish, mullet and shrimp goes up considerably.

An added bonus to this High Performance Invi Series cast net design naturally became the Cool WOOOW factor that wasn’t discovered until that very first throw. The Invi became jaw-droppingly quiet as soon as it hit the gel coat deck.. you could hear a pin drop, the birds sang, fish kept biting, bait stayed in the chum slick and the Angels flew down from above to see the spirit and magic of silence appear during and after this cast net loading and unloading phase… is this for real???.. How can a loud clunky cast net turn into simply music to our ears??…the sound of a wet T-shirt hitting the floor, almost silence, NO spooked fish or beat up gel coat!.. It’s not Cast Net Magic… but Yes, undoubtedly Magical.

Shawn Gore

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