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Cast Nets - Slinky image of the New Invi Series Cast Net

Why Choose the ALL NEW 2022 Black Pearl Cast Nets?

Why Black Pearl Cast Nets “Invi Series” and why they separate themselves from the competition of today’s high performance cast net features. The slinkiest design in cast net history!

Why black pearl cast nets

“Invi Series”

Why Envy the New Invi Cast Net?

When you’re new to the cast net world, choosing a cast net can be overwhelming, do you choose a cast net with pretty different colors or do you go with a High Performance Cast Net? Why choose the New Invi series of Black Pearl Cast Nets? What is important to you when investing in a High Performance tool to catch your live bait, when preparing your fishing trip for that Lifetime memory?

Anytime you add a color, you are adding darkness which makes it more visible for the bait to see, the opposite of clear and certainly NOT what you want. As a result of having colored netting, this calculates into less catch rates since the bait see it coming much easier as the net is sinking. There is a reason that clear monofilament fishing line is the top #1 seller to catch fish. To go a step farther, flourocarbon being the most invisible to create less visibility in the water.

So you be the judge, do you want crystal clear netting in the middle of your cast net? Or do you want a cast net made of different multi colors while decreasing your performance in live bait catch rates? We view our cast nets as a true tool to create the highest catch rates ever seen in the cast net industry. We have gone full speed ahead with this New hidden lead technology that screams performance unlike any other cast net ever built in cast net history.

Cast Nets Invi Series with Bucket

Bet On It, because we sure are!! This New Patented Design “U.S. Patent. No. D897,486” Technology is so complex and advanced, it has taken us years to develop its slinkiness while removing all of the negatives with Exterior Leads. We are so confident in this Newest Patented Design “U.S. Patent. No. D897,486” technology that we are discontinuing all of our exterior lead models that we have built for over 20 years!!.. Yes, you read that correctly, we are putting our product where the extreme list of advantages are, this technology is indeed our cast net future. You will easily start comparing exterior lead style of cast nets as OLD technology, the same way that we now view 8 track cassettes and VHS tapes. Hidden interior lead is clearly our future for a High Performance Cast Net.

In addition to physical characteristics of a cast net, throwing cast nets can be very tricky on one hand but be a breeze on the other hand. Holding it correctly in your hand is key here. Throwing a cast net is simply 80% on how your load your cast net and only 20% throwing ability which is a good thing. We’ll teach you exactly how to throw a cast net perfect every time, see our How to Throw A Cast Net section above in the Navigation bar and also here How To Throw A Cast Net. This current video by Capt Ben Chancey is of our standard high performance exterior lead style cast nets that we have made for 18 years. The ease of throwing just became even easier to throw since there’s No Exterior Leads to get interlocked on every throw! The New Invi Series just made throwing cast nets even EASIER!

Black Pearl Invi Series Cast Nets separate themselves from other casting nets for a number of different reasons, such as opening LARGER, sinking FASTER and being STRONGER at the points that count most. In addition to our normal High Performance cast net standards, our Newest Invisible Leadline “Invi Series” model of cast nets will change the cast net industry! No More Exterior Leads that tangle, this creates a world of negatives such as slower sink speeds, braille tangles and loud clangy deck noise every time your cast net touches the boat deck. Every noisy cast net load and unload clang has been eliminated when dumping live baits in your bait tank along with chips and scratches on your gel coat!

Protect your gel coat, the price of New boats these days have skyrocketed, no more chipped gel coat or scratches from the old Exterior Cast Net Lead technology. Hang tight as we discuss specifics below on every High Performance advantage to having NO EXTERIOR LEADS.

We’ll be discussing the main focus factors and High Performance Cast Net features of our New Patented Design “U.S. Patent. No. D897,486” “Invi Series” Cast Net Technology.

Features such as netting material, horn style, braille lines, hand line rope, double selvage, lead weight, cast netting panels etc.

Click here for – Cast Net Models Invi Series


Cast Net Netting Material

We have chosen the highest grade of limp monofilament netting available which is not standard by any means in the cast net industry today. In the cast net market you’ll see many different names of cast nets that simply use cheaply made monofilament. This causes the netting to have a stiff coarse feel to it, therefore not opening to the cast nets’ maximum potential when thrown. Also, when having a coarse feel, this causes the cast net to have a bushy type appearance. This takes up more space in your hand which in turn makes it harder to load your cast net and also harder to throw.

Having a limp cast net is important, it allows you to load your cast net easier, your cast net will throw much easier, open larger and will obviously be much more effective at catching live bait. When your cast net is limp it will open much easier and have a much larger spread. Another important feature is at the end of the day, your cast net curls up nice into your bucket without it springing back out like a “Jack in the Box” cast net. Black Pearl Cast Nets has gone beyond the norm to supply cast net fisherman with a very limp cast net that you’ll be delighted to throw. Just straight up commercial grade High Performance cast net catch rates.

Having any color of the main netting is just plain silly if you want High Performance. When you have colors in the middle of you net this causes the bait to NOT go into the sides of your cast net but simply out the clearest exit point, which is what?..Yes, exactly what you are thinking, the bait looks for the clearest point of escape which is out of the very bottom of your cast net. This is Not where you want your bait swimming to. Having a little color at the top and at the very bottom is actually a serious performance advantage. Having a little color causes the bait to see these very small visible portions of netting and swim directly into the “clear” sides of the netting, instead of down and out of your cast net.

End result, higher catch rates, higher cast net performance, plain and simple.  We are hands down about the One Throw and Go Serious Attitude, plain and simple. Black Pearl holds the Highest Performance cast net standards that any educated TRUE cast net enthusiast can appreciate. Click here for learning How to Care for your Cast Nets- Cast Net Care 101 .

Cast Net 4-Way Horn

Cast Net Horn

Having the right cast net horn is important, we have decided to use a horn that is divided into 4 sections. Having 4 sections divides all of your cast net braille lines into 4 sections. With your cast net braille lines being divided, this helps almost eliminate your braille lines from becoming tangled from being intertwined. Having a cast net horn that is divided also keeps live bait from escaping out through the opening of the horn. This is an important feature especially when cast netting smaller live bait such as shrimp, smaller shad, whitebait, pilchards, sardines, etc.

Cast Net Braille lines

Braille lines are an important part of a casting net that many fishermen overlook but it to is also an important feature on all cast nets.

Braille lines usually consist of 16-24 lines which attach to the lead line (bottom) of the net that are used to pull the net inward to trap all of your live bait inside of your net. If your cast net does not have enough braille lines, your net will not close tightly, therefore not trapping as many live bait as you expected. Simple overlooked features such as these can be the difference in you catching a load compared to half load of nice baits for your days fishing. This feature is critical when the live bait is hard to come by.

We use a higher number of braille lines to ensure a maximum closure of your cast net. This also causes a much better bottom seal as the net is dragging against the bottom of the lake or ocean. Using excess braille lines also allows the cast net to become stronger when pulling in your cast net thus eliminating the need to go to a higher pound test braille line which is stiffer. Below is the exact list of how many cast net braille lines that we use compared to the industry standard. Some companies will argue that less braille lines is better, this just helps save them money. This also is the best way for them to help eliminate their braille tangles by having less braille lines. In contrast it provides much less performance.

With the New Invi Series style of leadline, constant aggravating braille tangles are almost a thing of the past due to NO Exterior Leads! With Exterior Leads, braille lines are constantly getting caught on them, leads on the exterior act as a catch spot and is honestly one of the most aggravating parts of cast netting when you’re trying to load your cast net fast for the next throw.

Sometimes you are only given a few opportunities when throwing over live bait and there’s nothing worse than getting ready to throw your cast net only to find that the leads caught your braille lines AGAIN and tangled them. The New Invi Series leaves your cast net sporting a very smooth and clean appearance. This eliminates catch spots and eliminates braille tangles by more than 80% !!

We are talking the Highest Standards and the Highest Performance in existance with this New Patented Design “U.S. Patent. No. D897,486” Cast Net Technology, Exclusively by Black Pearl!

Industry standard Braille Lines:

8 ft Cast Net – 20 Braille lines – Black Pearl has 24 !

10 ft Cast Net – 24 Braille Lines – Black Pearl has 30!

11 ft Cast Net – 28 Braille lines – Black Pearl has 36 !

Cast Net Hand Line

We have made our hand line 30 ft long which helps those fisherman throw their cast nets farther and also allows your cast net to sink at deeper depths. We have also used a 3/8″ hollow braided style rope which makes it nice being that it floats when you’re in shallower water.

Cast Net Handline - 30 Ft Length

Cast Net Double Selvage Strength

This feature is also great for doubling the strength on the points of your cast net where it is needed the most, this being next to the bottom lead line and at the top where the horn is attached. Double selvage is the terminology used in cast netting to refer to “double netting” areas. We believe that this is extremely important for the longevity of a cast net. This only makes sense being that you’ll be constantly dragging your cast net against the lake or ocean bottom when pulling it in. Not only have we made these areas a double selvage but we have made the double selvage areas much wider giving it more cast net strength and more cast net protection. These double selvage areas can be easily seen on Black Pearl Cast Nets, the double selvage netting being used is in gold color.

Cast Net Leadline - Invi Series

Cast Net Lead Weight

In most situations, the amount of weight on a net will be the difference between catching a lot of live bait or just a few live baits for your days fishing.

Just about all cheaper series nets will have anywhere from only 3/4 lb – 1 lb per ft of lead weight on a net. This means that if using 1 lb of weight per radius ft. of cast net, an 8 ft radius net should have 8 lbs of lead on it. A 1.5 lb per ft net should have 12 lbs of lead on an 8 ft radius cast net.

Lighter weight cast nets are generally used for shallow water applications where the extra weight is not needed nor preferred being that the heavier weight only brings up extra mud and grass.

When trying to catch your larger live bait around deeper water such as bridges, navigational markers, deeper grass flats and even in deeper open water, having a heavier cast net will be a “must have”.

Not only is heavier weight essential for deeper water cast net applications, we have added an additional feature which is explained below on our Invi Series Cast Nets. This helps the cast net perform exceptionally better compared to standard exterior cast net lead models. A typical piece of exterior lead on a standard cast net will weigh approx. 1 1/2 ounces and is separated from one lead to the next by being approx. 5″- 6″ apart. On BLACK PEARL Cast Nets you’ll notice that all of our lead is hidden internally, thus the reason it is called our Invisible Leadline “Invi Series” model.

By having this exclusive feature, we are able to have a more uniform cast net that throws nicer and has a 100% bottom seal unlike the standard exterior lead models that skip spaces from one lead to the next. Having a tight cast net seal makes it much more difficult for bait to escape under the net when the net is lying completely flat on the bottom against grass, sand etc. This is a very important cast net feature that is also overlooked by many fishermen. A bottom seal should also be one your major focus points, especially when catching live baits that are bottom dwellers such as pinfish, shrimp, finger mullet, etc.

In addition to the 100% bottom seal feature, the Invi Series has no exterior leads so therefore has a tremendous advantage by NOT picking up excess mud and grass since No leads to grab grass and mud!! Game Changer here.

Cast Net Lead line

Our Invisible Leadline is made by using a durable yet flexible 3/16″ rope that is tied to the cast netting material at every mesh. As you’ll notice, the cast net lead is hidden internally creating the smoothest loading and unloading of your cast net that you will ever witness due to its extremely slinky design. No Exterior Lead to become interlocked with each other. Exterior leads create catch spots in your net, interlock and slow your net down. It is very consistent in not only catching on themselves but also catching braille lines and tangling them.

With the exterior leads no longer being a factor, the leadline becomes very slinky and 100% unobstructed like no other cast net that you have ever seen. There really is no need for hype, this is just mere physics, NO LEADS creating catch spots to slow your cast net down when you’re loading or throwing your NEW Invi Series cast net. What does this mean in terms of cast net performance? Everything, absolutely everything. By having this cleanest and slinkiest leadline design, the cast net is literally able to work effortlessly in terms of loading you net. This will make loading MUCH easier, throwing your cast net MUCH easier and unloading your cast net full of live bait MUCH easier.

With the typical cast net exterior leads now being moved to its interior, you can only imagine but truly understand why that it certainly would require much LESS Energy and Effort to throw the same size of cast net that you’ve been use to throwing. This is a true game changer in the cast net world. Not only does it make it easier to throw but allows you the opportunity to spread your net fully with less effort. Finally, it also allows you the option to throw a larger size cast net as well!

Cast Net Swivel

Our cast nets have a large 11/0 Stainless 1,200 Lb crane swivel for overbuilt strength and by using the larger swivel, this helps eliminate hand line or braille line twists as your cast net is being pulled in. A simple maintenance of an occasional lubricant on your swivel will help minimize rusting, the same as any high end stainless marine pair of pliers. End result, high quality translates to high performance.

Cast Net Netting panels

Panels on a net will be the difference in your cast net sinking quickly versus slowly and be the difference between your cast net opening fully versus not opening well at all. Different factors play a part on how well that a cast net performs, mostly it involves the quality and softness of the material and then the measurements on how well that they were sewn together.

On your typical cheap cast net, a net is one big piece that has one seam, therefore your cast net will not come close to opening to its fullest potential. This causes what is widely know as the cast net having a cone shape or “sock” in the middle of your cast net, this can be easily viewed when you spread out a cast net fully on the ground. You’ll notice that in the very center is part of the net that will not continue to open which restricts the cast net from opening to its fullest potential.

A cast net that has a 6 ft radius/length should open and measure 12 ft across in diameter, most cheap nets will only measure approx. 10 ft across because of the coned shaped appearance in the middle of the cast net. Your premium style cast nets today are mostly constructed with a 6 panel design which helps eliminate this problem. By having 6 pie shaped panels that are cut evenly to make a perfect cast net circle that causes a cast net to open to its fullest measurement potential.

Cast Net Swivel - Brass 1500 Lb

However, being that this is a method to ensure a well performing cast net, many name brand cast nets do not “measure up” to the cast net opening to its fullest potential. Just because a cast net has 6 panels, doesn’t mean that the cast net will open to its correct maximum measurement. Several companies cheat by using smaller panels which in turn has the same result as a one piece net by having a cone shape appearance when viewed on the ground.

With this in mind, Black Pearl Invi Series Cast Nets consists of a 6 XX- Large panel exclusive MaxSpread design so that each netting panel is made much larger than the standard 6 panel net which in return makes up a cast net that is considered to be what we call a “relaxed fitting” net. The Invi Series cast nets will well outperform others as it is thrown by having a larger relaxed spread. Also, by having this style of cutting edge performance as the net sinks, it will keep the cast net spread open to its fullest potential creating a much higher catch ratio due to a larger square footage of cast net coverage.

We hope that the above cast net information has given you a little more education on the different styles and features of cast nets and why Black Pearl Cast Nets has the Highest Performing advantage and quality in a cast net that you can count on year after year!

“Envy the New Invi Series Cast Nets, It’s Not Magic…. Just Magical”.

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– by Shawn Gore, Owner


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